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Calabogie Well Drillers Serving the Region

Our family owned and operated business has been providing friendly service for over 55 years. We have the expert knowledge required to dig any well. We are a member of the Ontario Ground Water Association and are Ministry of the Environment Licensed.

George H. Law was in his early 20s when he and five of his friends were working for a well drilling company. He decided to buy his own driller and start his own well drilling business. He moved to Calabogie and founded his business the next year. It has been 55 years since but the business motto of George to be the best in business has remained the same.

The company has been in the business of well drilling for the last 55 years and still going strong with a new driller just bought last year to add to the effective and quality service of the company!


We combine expertise with experince in well drilling!

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